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MNC Center Signage

Exterior and interior signage design for MNC Center, an estate by MNC media group in Jakarta, Indonesia. The challenge is to create a signage system that can adapt to various concept of interior building, existing and future build.



Media Nusantara Citra is a media company in Indonesia. MNC has core businesses in content and the ownership and operations of 3 of the 10 national Free-To-Air televisions in Indonesia. Now, they expand their businesses to insurance, bank, and property.

Using media and television as their company root, we developed “screen” as the basic concept for the signage system. 



Using clear acrylic with the content applied on the back, we created a universal and modular signage system for their business district, MNC Center, which consist of several office buildings. 

The challenge is to create a signage that neutral enough and can adapt with different interior and exterior design of their properties.

Worked Under Indigo Design & Development
Art direction & design by Ignasi Albero & Eurlich Allan
3D Render by Muhammad Iqbal & Nissa Sistha
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